Old Holidays and the Latest News

Dearest Freedom Riders,

Kujichagulia my peoples! I had to blog today, because it's my favorite day of Kwanzaa. The day dedicated to the principle of Kujichagulia, Swahili for self determination.

For me, it is also the third day of…

212 679 6018 Memorize this Song Before Your Next Protest 

Esteemed Freedom Riders de la Guagua,

212 679 6018 is a phone number to call if you are arrested while protesting in NYC to ask for free legal advice and support from the National Lawyer's Guild NYC. The song is…

Marcos & la Guagua Album Release Concert Nov 21st

Beloved Community,

Friday November 21st, 7pm
Marcos & la Guagua presents: 
Code Switching
Album release concert
Trinity Lutheran Church 164 W 100th Street, Manhattan

I will be performing songs from my debut album Code Switching, in a beautiful space…


Ten Thoughts on Immigration and Freedom

I am not an expert on immigration. But, my friendships with immigrants are important to me. I think most folks in our country want the USA to be a friend to immigrants. I think many people in the Judeo-Christian faith…

Música Boricua By Request 

My voice as a songwriter first poured out of me as I studied under Afri-Puerto Rican roots music masters such as Modesto Cepeda, en la Isla del Encanto.  As promised, Patria de Dios  and Cantaré mi Bomba  will be streaming…

Mister Wonderful 

Mister Wonderful is (in his opinion) the most awesome romance novel hero of all time. Thanks to Leanna Renee Hieber and Hope Tarr for inviting me to produce the song for Lady Jane's Salon romance reading series, which benefits WIN

Time for the EP

I have some stuff I think you should hear. I think you'll find that it's worth listening to.  A spoken word intro, 6 songs, and an adorable audio snippet from my Abuelita. 27 musical minutes. Some of it, I hope…

Featured in the Inspired Word All Stars!

Please come out and support our musical mission of reconciliation in:
The Inspired Word All Stars Thursday November 21st, 7pm at Bareburger, 2nd Ave and 5th Street, 2nd floor, Manhattan $10 cover    Marcos &amp…

A Lot To Listen To

By the time I'm done uploading there will be about 20 tracks available to listen to and download for free on

Including a bit of almost every journey Marcos & Guagua Electrica has taken so far:

    Guagua …

La Patria de Dios: My note to WNYC 

Dear Travelers,

I'm entering "La Patria de Dios" into WNYC radio's Battle of the Boroughs 2013. Stay tuned for news on the contest. Here's a little of what I told WNYC about the song:

"¡El Sur del Bronx…

Happy Holidays and Tax the Rich! 

It may seem like a song called "Tax the Rich" is not good holiday music. But, I think it fits very well with the true meanings of this sacred season. Please listen to the song, and let me know…