I'm Looking for A Few Good Listeners

 After benefiting from helpfull feedback and advice from some of you, my debut album is almost ready for release in early 2013.

But, if you haven't heard it yet, and If you'd like to join the comunity of First Listeners who are helping me bring this album into the world.

1-Use the contact link here at GuaguaElectrica.com 

2-Let me know you'd like to be First Listener to Guagua Electrica's debut album

3-And I'll respond with a secret link and about eight questions I'd like you to respond to after you've had a chance to listen

Thanks to all the First Listeners whose feedback has already helped make this a much better album then it was 6 months ago.

Contact me soon if you'd like to help bring this project across the finish line.

And check out my latest versions of a couple of tracks which will be on the album at GuaguaElectrica.com

Thanks for Listening,


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