Express Yourself! Choose your favorite Guagua Electrica song for Battle of the Boroughs


My musical battle bus is about to enter the fray, and I need your help...

Please help me pick the best one of my songs to enter into WNYC's 2012 Battle of the Boroughs Talent Contest.

WNYC's site says:
"Artists will be selected based on the following criteria:
-Technical Excellence (a high-level of proficiency and skill in the selected art form)
-Innovation (a uniquely individual approach and style to the work)
-Artistry (honoring and expanding the genre or discipline)
-Performance Quality (providing a polished product that achieves all of the aforementioned elements)"

Here are the tunes I'm considering:

1) Escuchando a su iPod
2) Mychal's Prayer
3) La Patria de Dios
4) Cantaré mi Bomba

They will all be availiable for free download at for the next week.

Please shoot me a message via email, facebook, or commenting on my blog to let me know which song you think would be best, and why.

Thanks for listening,


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