Debut Album Coming Soon

I'm putting the finishing touches on Guagua Electrica's first album of Urban Latino Futuristic Folklor Music. I hope to release it within the next few months.

I want to include my best home cooked tracks, as well as songs featuring Jorge Castro and Horace Beasley. I am a musical omnivore, and we are what we eat. So my challenge has been to clarify how many genres I could include, and still build a cohesive audience. I love to compose in tons of different genres. But, God first gave me a voice as a songwriter, through the streets, mi familia, the church, and folklor boricua. You could think of my upcoming first record as a saturday walk around the Barrio, a jam session with Abuelita, and a visit to church the next morning.

If you're willing to respond to a brief survey, you could be a beta listener, and get the chance to hear it first, for free. Send me a message via the contact link at the top of the page and I'll get back to you with more info.

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