A Lot To Listen To

By the time I'm done uploading there will be about 20 tracks available to listen to and download for free on GuaguaElectrica.com

Including a bit of almost every journey Marcos & Guagua Electrica has taken so far:

    Guagua Boricua-Puerto Rican roots music
    Guagua Gospel-Christian devotional
    Guagua Clásica- My alter ego: Marcos de Jesús Wille makes alt classical music
    Guagua Urbana-Urban sounds, like Hiphop and spoken word
Guagua Política- Songs that Take a stand
    Guagua Comercíal- Jingles and underscoring
    Guagua Dramática- Music for the theatre or that tells a story

What works? What isn't working?
Please tell me what you think and feel about this music.

The recording quality on some tracks are rough or downright primitive, but I have only shared tracks that I think have something beautiful to them, something worth sharing. I hope these tracks will allow you to hear the promise of the musical journeys Marcos & Guagua Electrica could take in the future.

I've also left off most of the tracks I may release with a little more fanfare (as an EP/short album) later in the year. Those tracks will have a little better production values, Patria de Dios is a preview of what the album will sound like.

Thanks for Listening,


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