Marcos & la Guagua (pronounced gwah-gwah)

Literally, "Guagua" means bus. You ever notice how between each stop on a bus a new community is born? En la Guagua surprising combinations of people and cultures can be brought together. Marcos & la Guagua songs are like that. Marcos is inspired by going on journeys of exploration and making unexpected connections with musical genres that he loves, and by building community.

Marcos & la Guagua is on a musical mission of reconciliation. Our journey may connect Latino, Gospel, Hiphop, Classical Music and more. Marcos will be your guide and la Guagua will be our clean-air-hybrid-electric vehicle. La Guagua means to move you.

Marcos de Jesús has roots in Milwaukee, the Bronx, Puerto Rico, and Pomerania. He's also a licensed NYC tour guide plays the drums and sings at a local Evangelical Lutheran church most Sundays. Soli Deo Gloria! His compositions have been presented by What a Neighborhood! and Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theatre.

La Guagua pronunciation guide

Guagua="Gwah-Gwah" not "Goo-Ah Goo-Ah". You can tell when you've got it right, 'cause it should be fun to say: "¡La Guagua!".

Keep practicing. If you need help, please politely consult any Spanish speaker with heritage from Puerto Rico, Cuba, or the Dominican Republic.