Marcos & la Guagua (pronounced gwah-gwah)

Literally, "Guagua" means bus. You ever notice how between each stop on a bus a new community is born? En la Guagua surprising combinations of people and cultures can be brought together. Marcos & la Guagua songs are like that. Marcos is inspired by going on journeys of exploration and making unexpected connections with musical genres that he loves, and by building community.

Marcos de la Guagua is on a musical mission of reconciliation. Our journey may connect Latino, Gospel, Hiphop, Classical Music and more. Marcos will be your guide and la Guagua will be our clean-air-hybrid-electric vehicle. La Guagua means to move you.

Marcos de Jesús has roots in Milwaukee, the Bronx, Puerto Rico, and Pomerania. He's also a licensed NYC tour guide plays the drums and sings at a local Evangelical Lutheran church most Sundays. Soli Deo Gloria! His compositions have been presented by What a Neighborhood! and Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theatre.

La Guagua pronunciation guide

Guagua="Gwah-Gwah" not "Goo-Ah Goo-Ah". You can tell when you've got it right, 'cause it should be fun to say: "¡La Guagua!".

Keep practicing. If you need help, please politely consult any Spanish speaker with heritage from Puerto Rico, Cuba, or the Dominican Republic.